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Pageant Rules and Procedures

The Miss McGregor Scholarship Program is a non-profit, scholarship program, with a Board of Directors, Queen Chair, and Event Chair. Miss McGregor Scholarship Program is a separate entity within The McGregor Founder’s Day activities and events. Miss McGregor, Miss Teen McGregor, Junior Miss McGregor, and Little Miss McGregor will be crowned before the next calendar year.   Each title winner’s reign will last for 1 year until the next pageant or queen has been crowned. 

Miss McGregor is McGregor, Texas’ local representative and makes public appearances throughout the year. The purpose of the Miss McGregor Scholarship Program is to bring positive attention to the town of McGregor, Texas by increasing awareness to local events and functions.  She is the positive spirit of McGregor by spreading her knowledge of the city and her wholesome good deeds to our community and surrounding areas. 

Miss McGregor is to be of natural beauty, physically healthy, and between the ages of 17 and 20.  She will be required to speak knowledgeably about McGregor, Texas with poise and grace throughout her entire reign as Miss McGregor. She is to appear in a professional manner at all events and functions that may range from school and nursing home visits, fairs and festivals, dances, promotional events, civic organizations, parades, and local media interviews. After completing her duties as Miss McGregor, She will receive a scholarship check between $200-$1,000 to any college!

Miss McGregor (ages 17-20)

Miss Teen McGregor (ages 13-16)

Junior Miss McGregor ages (9-12)

Little Miss McGregor (ages 5-8)

Title pageants will run simultaneously with the Miss McGregor Pageant and will receive the honor of being a local representative with the possibility of a college savings bond from the Title Sponsor.

*Queens shall not hold the same title twice and may not compete in the pageant while holding a MMSP title. Contestants may compete for a new title after their reign has ended on the following year.  

*Contestant's age entry shall be their age on November 12, 2023. 

*Contestants must live in McGregor or immediate areas may be approved by the board. 

Please see the attached entry and competition requirements. All applications must be received online and completed no later than October 17, 2023 . Payment submission must be made either cash or check by October 17, 2023 and given physically to a Board member.

Direct any questions to the pageant chair: Colleen Henson (254) 498-1332

Mandatory dates

October 17 - Application deadline- 10/17/23 by 8:30pm

November 11 - Rehearsal & Contestant Luncheon 9:00am,-2pm w/ luncheon

November 11- Luncheon parent or guardian must be present Noon -1pm-  

November 12 - Interviews 1pm & Pageant 5pm @ TBA

Required training for all new queens 

November 18, 2023 - Media and Queen Training- for all new Queens and 1 parent or guardian of each queen, 10am-5pm.

Items must be submitted by October 17, 2023:

Application- online

Essay- online

Digital Headshot photograph- online

Biography- online

Entry fee $40 cash or check- mailed or physically turned into a board member.

*No entry fee for sponsored contestants. The fee is included by the sponsor. 

Items needed for pageant

Formal dress attire- Nov. 11 rehearsal and Nov. 12 Pageant

Black business causal dress attire for opening number -Nov. 11 rehearsal and Nov. 12  pageant

Optional items needed: talent music and props, contestant sponsorships, (music will NOT be played through a cell phone. All music must be brought on a flash drive.) 

Categories to practice: Interviewing, stage walking and poise, knowledge about McGregor and your platform, and optional talent performance.

Miss McGregor Scholarship Program Rules and Procedures

Pageant contestant requirements and competition


1. Application: All contestants must completely fill out the Miss McGregor Pageant application online with a digital headshot, essay, and biography uploaded in the application and submitted no later than October 17, 2023 by 8:30pm.

A. Contestant Biographies will be read during your evening gown competition. This must be uploaded during your application process. Make sure to write about yourself in 3rd person. Example: Sara is a student at McGregor Elementary. She enjoys baking and working on the family farm.

B. Contestants may not enter the pageant in a division that they have previously won. No person shall hold the same title twice.


2. Entry Fee: $40 by cash or check only.

A. Contestant entry fee must be paid by October 17, 2023 or drop off payment to their school campus office or campus coordinator for the MMSP.

*See Board of Directors Page

  Checks may also be mailed to:

Miss McGregor Pageant Event Chair

117 A South Main Street McGregor, Texas 76657

Questions on payment arrangements contact:

(254) 498-1332 cell

B. Check or money orders must be  written to “Miss McGregor Scholarship Program” and received with the application by October 17, 2023 at 8:30pm.  The Check or Money Order must have the contestant’s name included on the notation line.  Any returned checks will receive a $30 returned check fee and will possibly be disqualified from the competition if not paid in cash before pageant rehearsal.

Contestant Sponsorship: paid entry fee for the designated contestant with business/organization recognition- see sponsorship forms

3.Headshot: Each contestant must provide a digital head shot photograph that accurately portrays the contestant’s natural beauty or professional appearance. Please provide only 1 photo digitally below.

Photograph 5% of competition

4. Essay: All contestants must turn in an essay by October 17, 2023 at 8:30pm digitally  in the online application upload form.

Essay Question: How would you describe the town of McGregor to a new student at your school?


The Essay must only be one page long, single spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman type, with a one line heading. Your name should appear in the above header with the date.(Borders, colored paper, etc. are permitted).The essay must directly answer the announced essay topic and be submitted in the online application essay upload. Junior and Little Miss McGregor may choose to handwrite their essay with the same rules as above with age consideration, but the essay must be scanned and digitally uploaded in the online application. Essay is 15% of competition.

5. Interview: Contestants will be required to be interviewed by Judges between 1pm- 4:30pm on November 12 in the McGregor High School Media Center. Contestants will be asked questions appropriate for their age division. Contestants should be able to answer questions about themselves, about McGregor, and be able to explain why they want to be in the Miss McGregor roles.

The interview is 20% of the competition

6. Onstage Questions: During the pageant, contestants will be required to answer an onstage question. See event chair for details.  10% of competition

7. Pageant Evening Gown and walk: A dress appropriate for contestants age level. A formal is a must for Teen and Miss. Present: confidence and poise. (Choose attire that you may walk securely without adjusting etc.)   10% of competition

8. Talent Competition: Optional opportunity for all contestants to highlight their talent and present a secondary example of confidence in a public presentation. Time limit 2-4 minutes: Event Chair must approve talent selection. Scoring will be determined on the contestant’s showmanship, presentation, and skill level within their talent category. Up to 2 bonus points may be added to the contestant's overall score.

9. Recommendations: Contestants are required to score above a 90% in student leadership evaluation from at least 5 and up to 10 school campus superiors or community leaders. The Board of Directors will evaluate each candidate’s evaluation and score their integrity and leadership. *When a contestant is not in school, the contestant will be required to present 3 letters of recommendation from community leaders and work with the pageant chair to compile an appropriate list of 5-10 references to send evaluations and list must be approved by the Board of Directors.  (This would apply to a contestant in homeschool, a McGregor resident that attends church or out of high school)  40% of competition

10. Contest Results: The contestants with the overall highest score will be crowned the 2024 Miss McGregor, 2024 Miss Teen McGregor, 2024 Junior Miss McGregor, and 2024 Little Miss McGregor. The crowning will take place at the pageant on Sunday, November 12, 2023 at McGregor High School Auditorium. Pageant begins at 5pm. 


11. Pageant: All contestants will participate in the opening number, onstage evening gown walk, onstage question. An optional talent performance will allow contestants to receive a possible 1-2 bonus points on their overall score.


12. Pageant preparation: Mandatory Rehearsal will be the day before the pageant 9am -2pm on Novemeber 11, 2023. Luncheon with the Board of Directors and one parent included. Additional parents or guardians require a $10 meal fee paid one week in advance.  Location: McGregor High School Media Center 903 Bluebonnet PKWY McGregor, Texas 76657. Contestant guidance and preparation help may be scheduled with the pageant chair or queen chair for a one-on-one prep for any of the categories. Email


Pageant scoring

15% Essay

5% Photo

20% Interview

10% Onstage Questions

10% Evening gown and pageant confidence and poise.

40% Evaluations and recommendations





13. Leading Events and participation: The Miss McGregor Scholarship Program is now featuring public events and all contestants will be recognized at each event before the pageant and all Queens throughout the year. These events are open to the public and all contestants are to continue in the scholarship program activities.

14. Dismissal Disclaimer of Rules and Procedures of Miss McGregor Queens.


A. All Miss McGregor Queens are required to participate and attend Queen and Media training by the Board. All Queens are required to follow and abide by the training for the Queen’s position presented in Media and Queen training.

B. All queens are required to dress professionally for all events throughout the year.

C. All Queens are required to have a board member (or Board Approved Chaperone)  at every appearance.

The Board of Directors must approve all queen events and appearances.

Queens may not wear their crown and banner in public places without approval of the Board of Directors.

D. All Miss McGregor Queens and pageant contestants must not be ill or be considered contagious of an infectious disease to participate in any events. (example: COVID 19, flu, strep, etc.)  If a contestant or queen is in question, they must provide a doctor’s verification of procedures regarding quarantine and doctor’s orders to participate or not participate.

E. Contestants will not be refunded their application monies for any reasons. Group ordering of items, foods and services will take place once your application is received.  

F. Act of God Clause: In the event of a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances that causes the pageant time, date, or location to be canceled, the Miss McGregor Scholarship Program will provide an alternate location and date to be rescheduled. All monies will be transferred to the rescheduled pageant event, but no monies will be refunded if you can not attend the rescheduled date.

G. Miss McGregor Queens are prohibited from using and promoting tobacco, alcoholic products, committing illegal crimes, or being involved or affiliated with negative or harmful activities that may reflect negativity on the McGregor Community during her reign.

H. Miss McGregor Queens must be unmarried and without child or children.

I. Social media: Miss McGregor Queens must not appear negatively in their public or personal social media and refrain from using vulgar language, posting inappropriate social media, and must not promote political agenda. This includes social media videos or music that express vulgar language, aggressive behaviors, violence, hate speech, and social media that directly or indirectly presents name calling of the community and its members of any kind or references bias or questioning integrity of community members or organizations. Contestants and queens must not present stereotyping or “call out” people or groups on their behaviors or actions. They may not use their title to justify their integrity, their opinion, or status on any social media platform.  All social media accounts of a Queen during her reign must be presented to the Board of Directors and allowed permission to view and monitor.

J. If The Miss Scholarship Program Board of Directors votes that a Miss McGregor Queen has violated the rules of her reign under these above dismissal rules and procedures in #15 A-I, she will not receive her scholarship and may be dismissed from the program immediately. Miss McGregor “1st Runner Up” may fulfill her duties if the Board of Directors votes to do so.   If a Miss McGregor Queen does not complete her scheduled events or frequently become unavailable for her duties, she will not receive her full scholarship.

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